Monday, September 19, 2011

Vittorito Wine Tasting

The Wednesday after we had arrosticini we went to Vittorito to a Winery were we got to try about 6 types of wine. We first got a tour of the place where they store the wine and bottle it. After trying each glass of wine plus had some amazing olive oil and bread most of us bought a lot of the wine. A couple students bought 3-6 bottles when others like me only bought 2.

My two bottles were only 9 Euros together and I also bought some olive oil. We all talked and enjoyed each others company until we left to go eat at a Pizzeria. We were all a little....tipsy but It was fun to spend some time together with all the students, American and Italian.

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Monday, September 5, 2011


The Monday after we went to Rome was a relaxing one...NOT. We had an exam and after that we fell into our routines of taking naps, walking around Gagliano or going down to the bar. That night was a little different though. The Italian students decided to make us Arrosticini which is like a lamb kabob. All day we watched them bring out the grill they cook it on which is this skinny but long grill and they would lay the arrosticini all the way down.
It was delicious and a great way to get to enjoy the time left with all of the American and Italian students!

The night after we had a Karaoke night which was filled with all types of American songs and Italian songs that we sang our lungs out. It was so much fun and probably the wine added a little bit more fun to the situation!

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