Monday, August 29, 2011


Once we sat down we were approached by this nerdy quiet looking waiter, what bad could happen? Little did we realize these guys were about to make our night one we will never forget! After we ordered, our waiter and two other guys, one young and another guy a little older came over and started flirting with us. The older man was touching Lauren's face, and kept kissing my cheek and giving my shoulder massages. This was very creepy but at the same time very funny. Before I knew it he was pulling me out of my seat to stand up. He asked me to kiss his cheek and I said no, then he moved his face and once I put my hand over my mouth, he kissed my hand! We were all laughing so hard and sadly, my friend Nalda got it all on video. Then the waiters asked us to get drinks with them, but instead we walked around Rome and found our way back to the hotel.
By the morning we were off. Me and Nalda met up with Francesca and Steve and got to see everything we missed the day before. We went to the Trevi Fountain, The Spanish Steps, and the Colosseum. I will never be able to forget the Spanish steps because when we were walking down the side steps my foot slipped and I fell down two stairs and landed right on my tailbone. It hurt so bad but I kept walking on hoping it wouldn't hurt so bad. We reached the Colosseum so we could meet with the boys to go to our train station. Right when we walked up the boys were saying that our train station was on fire. At first we thought they were kidding but they were right and we had to find another way to get all the way back to Sulmona.
After subway and bus rides we finally made it back and I was never that happy to jump into my bed! Rome was amazing though I wish we could have spent a couple extra days there but I got to see everything I could have ever wanted to see! 

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Thursday, August 11, 2011


Out of all the trips on the weekends...I must say Rome was probably the most interesting. When I say interesting I mean trains burning, old man kissing, tipsy hotel scheduling, two day madness. Now the trip itself is normally just a day long, but after Napoli there was no way we could see Rome in a day, let alone the Vatican. So we all split up into groups and tried getting hotel rooms. The boys got an apartment for the night and the girls split up into two and got two rooms each. We had to wake up to leave at 6:30am so almost all of us slept the entire trip to Rome, like we always do. By the time we got to Rome, it was cloudy and sprinkling a little but the minute we got off the bus we have already seen the Colosseum and about 10 feet from the Vatican.
My group which was Britta, Lynn, Emma, and Nalda decided to go check in our hotels and drop our bags off. At that moment we realized we actually booked two different rooms in two completely different hotels. We made due and it was good they weren't too far from each other.
Since our Vatican museum ticket wasn't until 1:30pm we walked around Rome looking at shops and stopped to get pizza at a restaurant. Probably the best pizza and from that moment on the weather was perfect; no rain, just sunshine. By the time we got to the Vatican, we went inside to see the beautiful artwork and wall paintings that were breathe taking. We found some Rosaries before we got close to the Sistine Chapel that were a very good price so I got two beautiful rosaries with the girls who got the same. Once we stepped foot into the Sistine Chapel we were almost in tears from the beautiful ceiling and walls surrounding us. It was beyond amazing.
Once we left the Vatican after a couple hours we made our way to St. Peter's Basilica which was a beautiful area with fountains and it was just peaceful. There wasn't a lot of people so we got to take some beautiful pictures and went right through to the church without any lines. To be honest this was probably the best part of the entire day because the inside of the church is beyond breathe taking. We got to pray and look at the beautiful construction of the building. We spent at least an hour in there taking pictures and just taking in everything. By the time we left we just wanted to relax and enjoy the rest of the night in Rome. 

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We stopped at a area near the Castle of Saint Angelo to watch a performer play his guitar. Britta was in love, so it was nice to just sit and listen to music as we watched the sky get a little darker. Once we continued walking we found ourselves in a little area full of vendors and cute souvenirs. I also finally found the wish bracelets we were trying to find for almost the whole trip! By the time we were leaving it was almost completely dark and we wanted to eat. We came across this restaurant that wasn't expensive so we sat down. Little did we realize we sat down for a night we wouldn't forget.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


After the night where it rained and we danced, we had to drag ourselves out of bed and wake up for classes. As much as we hate and complain about waking up and how much we want to go to sleep early the next night....It never happens. We talk at lunch and say I will go to sleep at midnight...and we will instead go to sleep at 2am.
Sadly we were supposed to go to L'Aguila on Wednesday but couldn't because the ITA 1010 class had their midterm. So on Thursday after classes and our delicious lunch, we got the chance to go to L'Aquila. L'Aquila is where all the Italian students are from. Most students went on a bus at 4pm and got to take a tour of where the earth quake hit two years ago. Then a few of us went later because we wanted to study for an exam the next it. We drove with the Italian students and it was devastating to see the damage and hear the Italian students talk about what they lost.
After the tour we all met up in this one area where there was a pizzeria and a couple bars. We ate together and then drank a little talking to everyone and even meeting some of the Italian's friends.
Before we were about to go, Francesca took me and a couple others to walk around and show the area we were in. It hurt me to see how everything changed from the earthquake. You could see buildings tilted and only standing because of bars holding them up. We even saw a home that wasn't a home anymore. We even went to her school and her church and the whole experience made me realize how horrible it would have been if this was me. By the time we left it was around midnight, but it was probably another good night where we got to bond and spend time with each other.

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Monday, August 1, 2011

Dancing in the Rain

On Tuesday, July 26th we had our normal class times in the morning and then went to Castelvecchio and had some drinks with the Italian students and some of us. I had my first Sex on the Beach drink which was only 3 euros. It was really good surprisingly. Once dinner came around, me and Nalda went to the Italian's kitchen that was separate from ours and watched them make dinner. There was one thing that I loved which was this cheesy mushroom thing and fried zucchini in olive oil. It was so so good that it I didn't even care that I was full from our own dinner. Julia is going to give me the recipe so I can make it when I go home, but I doubt it will be just as good as it is here.
After we ate with them, Raffaele's Birthday was that day and we had tiramis├╣ and champagne. Then it felt like the whole table was full of Wine, Champagne, and a little vodka. We were supposed to watch one of the movies the Film class was showing but instead we hooked up a laptop to the speakers and the professors started dancing. Before we knew it we were all dancing with each other for hours until it started raining. Some people left but almost all of us kept dancing and taught some of the Italian students how to dance. It was so much fun and probably the best night so far, because we really got to bond together and enjoy a crazy and fun night together. The only thing that was bad about that night was getting soaking wet and having to wake up the next morning! 

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