Tuesday, August 2, 2011


After the night where it rained and we danced, we had to drag ourselves out of bed and wake up for classes. As much as we hate and complain about waking up and how much we want to go to sleep early the next night....It never happens. We talk at lunch and say I will go to sleep at midnight...and we will instead go to sleep at 2am.
Sadly we were supposed to go to L'Aguila on Wednesday but couldn't because the ITA 1010 class had their midterm. So on Thursday after classes and our delicious lunch, we got the chance to go to L'Aquila. L'Aquila is where all the Italian students are from. Most students went on a bus at 4pm and got to take a tour of where the earth quake hit two years ago. Then a few of us went later because we wanted to study for an exam the next it. We drove with the Italian students and it was devastating to see the damage and hear the Italian students talk about what they lost.
After the tour we all met up in this one area where there was a pizzeria and a couple bars. We ate together and then drank a little talking to everyone and even meeting some of the Italian's friends.
Before we were about to go, Francesca took me and a couple others to walk around and show the area we were in. It hurt me to see how everything changed from the earthquake. You could see buildings tilted and only standing because of bars holding them up. We even saw a home that wasn't a home anymore. We even went to her school and her church and the whole experience made me realize how horrible it would have been if this was me. By the time we left it was around midnight, but it was probably another good night where we got to bond and spend time with each other.

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