Monday, August 29, 2011


Once we sat down we were approached by this nerdy quiet looking waiter, what bad could happen? Little did we realize these guys were about to make our night one we will never forget! After we ordered, our waiter and two other guys, one young and another guy a little older came over and started flirting with us. The older man was touching Lauren's face, and kept kissing my cheek and giving my shoulder massages. This was very creepy but at the same time very funny. Before I knew it he was pulling me out of my seat to stand up. He asked me to kiss his cheek and I said no, then he moved his face and once I put my hand over my mouth, he kissed my hand! We were all laughing so hard and sadly, my friend Nalda got it all on video. Then the waiters asked us to get drinks with them, but instead we walked around Rome and found our way back to the hotel.
By the morning we were off. Me and Nalda met up with Francesca and Steve and got to see everything we missed the day before. We went to the Trevi Fountain, The Spanish Steps, and the Colosseum. I will never be able to forget the Spanish steps because when we were walking down the side steps my foot slipped and I fell down two stairs and landed right on my tailbone. It hurt so bad but I kept walking on hoping it wouldn't hurt so bad. We reached the Colosseum so we could meet with the boys to go to our train station. Right when we walked up the boys were saying that our train station was on fire. At first we thought they were kidding but they were right and we had to find another way to get all the way back to Sulmona.
After subway and bus rides we finally made it back and I was never that happy to jump into my bed! Rome was amazing though I wish we could have spent a couple extra days there but I got to see everything I could have ever wanted to see! 

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