Thursday, August 11, 2011


Out of all the trips on the weekends...I must say Rome was probably the most interesting. When I say interesting I mean trains burning, old man kissing, tipsy hotel scheduling, two day madness. Now the trip itself is normally just a day long, but after Napoli there was no way we could see Rome in a day, let alone the Vatican. So we all split up into groups and tried getting hotel rooms. The boys got an apartment for the night and the girls split up into two and got two rooms each. We had to wake up to leave at 6:30am so almost all of us slept the entire trip to Rome, like we always do. By the time we got to Rome, it was cloudy and sprinkling a little but the minute we got off the bus we have already seen the Colosseum and about 10 feet from the Vatican.
My group which was Britta, Lynn, Emma, and Nalda decided to go check in our hotels and drop our bags off. At that moment we realized we actually booked two different rooms in two completely different hotels. We made due and it was good they weren't too far from each other.
Since our Vatican museum ticket wasn't until 1:30pm we walked around Rome looking at shops and stopped to get pizza at a restaurant. Probably the best pizza and from that moment on the weather was perfect; no rain, just sunshine. By the time we got to the Vatican, we went inside to see the beautiful artwork and wall paintings that were breathe taking. We found some Rosaries before we got close to the Sistine Chapel that were a very good price so I got two beautiful rosaries with the girls who got the same. Once we stepped foot into the Sistine Chapel we were almost in tears from the beautiful ceiling and walls surrounding us. It was beyond amazing.
Once we left the Vatican after a couple hours we made our way to St. Peter's Basilica which was a beautiful area with fountains and it was just peaceful. There wasn't a lot of people so we got to take some beautiful pictures and went right through to the church without any lines. To be honest this was probably the best part of the entire day because the inside of the church is beyond breathe taking. We got to pray and look at the beautiful construction of the building. We spent at least an hour in there taking pictures and just taking in everything. By the time we left we just wanted to relax and enjoy the rest of the night in Rome. 

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We stopped at a area near the Castle of Saint Angelo to watch a performer play his guitar. Britta was in love, so it was nice to just sit and listen to music as we watched the sky get a little darker. Once we continued walking we found ourselves in a little area full of vendors and cute souvenirs. I also finally found the wish bracelets we were trying to find for almost the whole trip! By the time we were leaving it was almost completely dark and we wanted to eat. We came across this restaurant that wasn't expensive so we sat down. Little did we realize we sat down for a night we wouldn't forget.

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