Monday, August 1, 2011

Dancing in the Rain

On Tuesday, July 26th we had our normal class times in the morning and then went to Castelvecchio and had some drinks with the Italian students and some of us. I had my first Sex on the Beach drink which was only 3 euros. It was really good surprisingly. Once dinner came around, me and Nalda went to the Italian's kitchen that was separate from ours and watched them make dinner. There was one thing that I loved which was this cheesy mushroom thing and fried zucchini in olive oil. It was so so good that it I didn't even care that I was full from our own dinner. Julia is going to give me the recipe so I can make it when I go home, but I doubt it will be just as good as it is here.
After we ate with them, Raffaele's Birthday was that day and we had tiramis├╣ and champagne. Then it felt like the whole table was full of Wine, Champagne, and a little vodka. We were supposed to watch one of the movies the Film class was showing but instead we hooked up a laptop to the speakers and the professors started dancing. Before we knew it we were all dancing with each other for hours until it started raining. Some people left but almost all of us kept dancing and taught some of the Italian students how to dance. It was so much fun and probably the best night so far, because we really got to bond together and enjoy a crazy and fun night together. The only thing that was bad about that night was getting soaking wet and having to wake up the next morning! 

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