Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Lunedì ♥

The past few days were probably the most fun filled days on this entire trip. Aside from the Italian 2010 and Culture 2710 class I'm taking and the naps we all take after classes are over at 2, the fun happens later at night. On Monday before dinner we went to the soccer court down the road from our monestary and a few of the Italian students and american students played with each other. I was scared I would never even kick the ball but the game ended up being so much fun and we all played really good. The other team ended up winning and we left for dinner.

Normally our food for breakfast lunch and dinner are generally the same thing every day. We have an assortment of nutella and different jams and we have biscotti and cereal. Then for lunch we have some sort of pasta with different noodles or sauces and at least a meat, salad with balsamic vinegar which is AMAZING! and some fruit. Then for dinner we normally have melon (cantalope), prosciutto and soup. When we eat we almost always have wine and water. I can actually say though the food is more than just good. Then after we normally go to the bar or watch one of the movies that the ITA 3100 film class shows almost twice a week.
After showering and a couple hours later, we all went down to the bar and bonded with every one and laughed pretty much until 2 am. The late nights are horrible because waking up in the morning for class is almost the hardest thing to do when your in Italy...but its worth every moment.

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