Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The first few days...

So we got to Italy on Thrusday July 7th, 2011 in Rome. It seemed like the minute we got to the airport, friendships were already starting. By the time we reached Rome after an 8 1/2 flight, we took a bus to Gagliano Aterno. Since then every day has been a wonderful experience that I could barely explain to anyone who isn't here with me. After the first full day, we were all a complete family. Day two was the day we went to the beach on Saturday, which was the best way to start off the entire trip. We went to Pescara to go to the beach and walk around. We even met a group of Italian Soliders who were very nice and tried to talk with the minimal English they knew. After that day it felt like we have been in Italy for a month, even though it was only 2 days. From then on we got to do walks, take pictures, and meet the Italian students we will be living with for the next 3 weeks. Sadly we lost our wifi on Friday, So I have no way of explaining about those days. This is going to be my blog, so show and explain this journey and the everlasting friendships that are being made. This experience has already affected me in numerous ways, that I know the once the last day comes and we are boarding the plane I will probably wish I could stay longer with all these amazing people. These are our days in Gagliano, Italy.

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