Sunday, July 17, 2011

Napoli e Pompei

After being here for more than 10 days, It started to feel like this trip is going too fast for me. Sadly, I missed a few posts because of technical difficulties, but now I will be posting every day. Last week we got to go see Harry Potter in Italian with no subtitles. I was surprised as to how much Italian I could understand which was almost half the movie.
For the Wayne in Abruzzo we are guaranteed 3 travel trips to Napoli & Pompei, Rome, & Florence. Everything else is up to us to pay for and find a way to get there. So far we have planned a trip to Pescara for the beach, the Harry Potter movie, Sulmona, Castelvecchio (Which is about 3 Miles away from Gagliano). At first the days went by slow, but it seems that now the days are going by fast and day by day closer to the day we have to go home. I know for a fact If by any means I could stay here for a couple months, I would and I know others feel the same. Yesterday, Saturday the 16th of July we went to Pompei and Napoli leaving at 5:30am. After sleeping on the bus for a couple of hours we arrived in Pompei for a tour of the Ruins. It was beyond beautiful to see everything and take pictures. To be honest though the best part was all the experiences we had together, like the funny jokes, and how our professor told us to pay attention to the Prositute area they had in the ruins. (When your on the trip or know the professors you'll understand) :)
Then came the bus ride to Napoli where we were almost jumping out of the bus and eat pizza. Now when I tell you that this is the best pizza I mean it is the best pizza in the world. First we went to Regina Margherita Palazzo and split off into our own groups to eat and shop. Me, Nalda, Erika, and Christian found a little place to eat these huge slices of pizza for only 1,50 euro and then spent the rest of the time shopping until we met up with Patrick, Enzo, Nick, and Will. From there we went to the most beautiful beach/sea where the people actually laid on the rocks rather than sand. After spending a good 5 hours in Napoli, we met cute boys, ate the worlds best pizza, and I got a very cute shirt during the Saldi which is Italy's sale they have the whole month of July.

As long as this post it, you would think that this day consisted of what I mentioned above. I've come to realize that no matter what I say or how I say it I cannot even explain what goes on here in Gagliano. We are such a close family were we are joking almost 99% of the day and love each other enough to last a lifetime. It has been 11 days and 500 pictures since I step foot into the airport. This has just begun, and I really never want it to end.

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