Friday, October 21, 2011

Closing Ceremony/Study Day

The Monday after we came back from Florence was our study day before the Closing ceremony and finals. We also watched the Italian students do their "American Slang" presentations that were very funny. Most of the American students helped each group with all the different slang words and phrases we use in America. We spent the rest of the day in class and then went off to do our own thing. Most stayed at the monastery working on our presentations for the ceremony and just spending some time together. When Tuesday came it really hit us how close the trip was coming to and end but we never talked about it. We made it to Castelvecchio with enough time to get a tour through the monastery and also to head to our favorite bar Komodo. Everyone was together Italian and American students and the ceremony began.
Me and Erika got to recite the Italian National Anthem, and embarrassingly I messed up a few words. After all of our presentations, The Italian students got certificates for finishing the TOEFL Test, and then the American students got ours for studying abroad. Mandi and Andrea made a video of everyone saying their favorite memories in English and Italian with all of our pictures in the background. I almost cried and it really hit me what was happening. We spent the rest of the night eating and talking and some went back to the Komodo Bar, while most went back to the Monastery to study for finals the next day. 

Click Here for Italian Translations  

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