Sunday, October 16, 2011


When we woke up the next morning, we packed all of our things and got ready to go out and finish shopping. We stopped to get Gelato and found a vendor area with about 20 vendors. They had all neat things like souvenirs, tshirts, purses, a lot of cute items. We walked all around Florence taking pictures and really enjoying the buildings that surrounded us. We came back to the hotel and me and Nalda started talking to Enzo's grandma who was beyond the sweetest woman. We talked for a good hour and before we realized it, it was time to leave and go to our bus. We walked a long way and finally found our bus for the long trip home.
It was probably a great way to end everything because this trip was more relaxed and easy going compared to Pompei and Rome. We got to spend a lot of time together and on our own and It was really special!! The ride home took forever but we all laughed, watched movies, and slept most of the ride back.

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