Saturday, October 15, 2011


For the next couple of nights we just spent all of our time together going to the bar to see Giuseppe or to Komodo Bar in Castelvecchio. We also spent the next night drinking wine and having a karaoke night. We sang Italian songs, American songs and just danced the whole night! I was a great night spending time with each other knowing that the end of the trip was coming soon.
Ashurina and a few others came up with the best plan to create an American Breakfast we would cook for everyone for dinner. We made potatoes, eggs, pancakes, and a lot of fruit. It was so delicious and amazing that I was part of making something for everyone!

The Friday before we left for Florence, we learned how to make Gnocci and we lost two Italian students. Davide and Michele were the first ones to leave and I think that's when it really hit us that this trip was close to being over. Making the gnocci was really fun to learn and interesting to see how it was actually made. We ate that for dinner and we watched an Italian movie that night and got our bags prepared for our trip to Florence!

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