Saturday, October 15, 2011


The minute we got to Florence we were hit with beauty. Sadly our bus would not be allowed to take us to our hotel so we walked and brought all of our stuff to the hotel. Me, Nalda, and Angela left the group to go to our appointment at a salon a few blocks away. I got my hair styled and cut in Florence, how cool is that?
After, we went to a lunch at a restaurant and then walked around going shopping and to see the statue of David. Although we were not allowed to take pictures I took a picture of David!
We continued shopping when we ran into Romina and Dante, we went to dinner and made plans to go to the discoteca. Sadly, we did not know how far the club was so we ended up going to the bar with the rest of the crew which was really fun. We drank the whole night just talking and laughing and enjoying the time together.

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